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PostSubject: FRANK TANK   Fri Apr 18, 2008 9:24 am

Name:Francis Lupien Lafleur

Age:13 year old

Why do you want to be GM ?:because i gm need to have a little experiance whit player and i have it gm its a job funny for helping player for make a smile on a face its funny for me and for other player

Why should we pick you ?: 1.because i have experiance on lineage 2 on server of 750 person 2.i have make pulicity on the server of lineage 2 and on slayer online 3. i have a big lot time to give on server (im not no life) just i love me pc and i love help player 4. i have friend he can come on server.

What would you bring to the server if we pick you ?: 1. help to player 2.event in each day to player 3. publicity( i have friend boss on server of counter strike and its ok make a publicity on this server. 4. help to other gm (because i have experiance on gm just and little on player of wow.5. 6. lot of hour.

How many hours would you be ready to give for the server ?: minimum 2 to 4(its not the maximum XD) in each day.

What do you think a GM is ?: gm its a guy for helping the player on game and for make the funny on server. a gm is on the staff for make a community of the server he here for help player (and gm). and work on this proper community.

Can you speak 2 languages ?
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PostSubject: Re: FRANK TANK   Fri Apr 18, 2008 12:21 pm

I have read your application.
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