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 1337 GM application

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PostSubject: 1337 GM application   Mon Apr 07, 2008 8:22 pm

Name:Jean-Sébastien Bourotte

I wish to be a gm so I can help people(mostly other player)but also the main admin so they can maintain this server in a more significient way.I know I can help.

You should pick me because I'm the most experienced world of warcraft player and I know everything that there is to know about this game(not to tell that I'm an ex no-life( What a Face )

I would bring to the server more excitement to play because taking care of other always make them happy and push them to play more oftenly and helping others is to me a great way to make friend.

I'm ready to give a lot of time to the server,I play alot(too much going by my family opinion).It as much important to play on this server than to help fixing it and I am ready to help as much as I help.

A GM is to me a person that know how to take care of others(player AND other GM)and also how to fix their problem.A good GM is the one who is going to think more about other than himself.

I can speak 2 language,french and english.I can understand spanish but I can't speak it.I also have some basic in german(but really not alot)

Thank you for reading this and have a good day.

-Freekill Lvl 75 Warrior
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1337 GM application
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